Graduation project, 2016.


Kumpan is the swedish word for "companion", which is exactly why I chose it as the name of my project. It is a project for children that often can feel alone in their diagnosis, a feeling I'd like to eliminate. 


My brothers each have their own diagnosis, one has ASD and the other ADHD. With them in mind, and children like them, I started working on three boxes that could make life a little easier in school.

From the beginning


My whole project started with a thesis. It wasn't a grand thesis, but it was crucial for the development of my packaging and its content.


Each item in every box has been carefully chosen by me after reading and summing up the answers from the survey I did in my thesis. In the survey I wanted parents and people with ADHD/ASD to voice their experiences and concerns for their children and/or the school they went to.

About the contents


I worked hard in choosing colours after their scientifically proven meaning and effect. I then chose a typeface that is easy to read and decided to make the design clean and efficient.


For the contents, I mostly went shopping for smart solutions on my ideas. Like the perfect checklist, tiny pencils and a compact scissor. 

I got sponsored by Plus-Plus for The Math Box and decided to make my own Plus-Plus-matching letters for the Swedish Box.

What is inside the lid?


A handbook and a users manual. My idea was to have a handbook on how to use the box and also fill it up with tasks in the subject.


The users manual was to present the company, the idea of the company and also an app. I wanted to create an app that could help children keep track of their day and their tasks on their phone. I also wanted to explore the possibility of making some sort of reward for meeting goals - like a game of sorts.


Svenskalådan - The Swedish Box


This box is for studying the Swedish language. Within this box, there is a bookmark, a checklist, plexiglass letters, a handbook and a users manual. 


The boxes have checklists to make it easy to keep track of tasks and handbooks with tasks in each subject. They contain practical elements since many people with diagnoses like ASD/ADHD tend to want to touch and feel what they are doing. 

Mattelådan - The Math Box


The Math Box is of course, for studying math. It contains a checklist, PlusPlus in neutral colours, a tape measure, a handbook and a users manual. 


I chose to have the Plus-Plus in three neutral colours. I didn't want them to be seen as only a toy, but as a tool to see the math in front of you. I also wanted to have different colours to make it easy if you need to make groups - like even or odd numbers for example. 

Skaparlådan - The Creative Box


The Creative Box is purely what it sounds like. It contains a glue stick, a compact scissor, smart-tape, tiny coloured pencils and of course a handbook and a users manual.


This box is a tiny box of possibilities. Maybe for a break in the middle of the day, or at home on your desk. 


Like the others it is closed using a strong magnet and has partitions to make it easy putting everything back in the box.

I want to dedicate a special thanks to Plus-Plus for sponsoring me with a load of beautiful toys!


Artist, Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Avesta, Sweden




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